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Exterior shot of a 2022 Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid taking a turn in a city.

Luxury Vehicle Consignment at Bentley San Diego

If the time has come to reduce your exclusive collection of luxury grand tourers and sports cars, standard online marketplaces may not serve your needs. To reach serious buyers who understand the provenance, rarity and value of the car you're selling, consider our luxury car consignment services at Bentley San Diego the ideal solution.

Our Bentley retailer in San Diego provides comprehensive consignment sales support designed to help you take advantage of our established client base and high-standing reputation. Reach out to us today to find out more.

2022 Bentley Bentayga Azure shown on a coastal highway
Exterior side shot of a 2022 Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid taking a turn in a city.

What is Luxury Car Consignment?

The concept of consigning a car is simple: instead of selling your car privately or trading it into a typical dealer, you partner with us to sell your car. After the car is sold, you receive the sale proceeds, excluding any fees or costs.

It’s important to note that consigning your car at Bentley San Diego doesn’t equate to selling it directly or trading it in. Instead, you'reaccessing our industry expertise and connections to sell your car quicker and potentially for a higher price than you would on your own.

Why Consign vs. Sell a Car Privately?

Consignment offers many advantages to luxury car owners thinking of selling, including:

Ease. With a private sale, you need to manage it all: taking photos, communicating with potential buyers, organizing test-drives and screening non-serious inquiries. By consigning, we manage all this on your behalf, making the whole process stress-free.

Access. We have an established network of avid luxury car enthusiasts across SoCal. Many of them are repeat O’Gara clients who trust that our consigned vehicles meet the high standard of our new and used cars. By consigning with us, you tap into a network of potential buyers with the intent and purchasing power to buy your exotic car.

Profit. Cars have two potential values: market value and trade-in value. The market value is what a car is valued at on the open market, while trade-in value is what a dealer is willing to pay in order to still resell it profitably. Trade-in value tends to be lower than market value but allows for immediate payment.

By consigning a vehicle, the money you’ll earn from the sale will likely be closer to the market value even though the process is as effortless as trading in. This benefit is particularly significant with high-end cars that trend along different depreciation curves than conventional cars. It’s why many exotic car owners consider consignment services the most profitable way to sell a luxury car in Southern California.

Consign a Luxury Car Near Me

There’s no need to rely on online car-selling platforms or digital automotive auction sites when you're looking to sell your Bentley or another premium vehicle. With our consignment service, you’ll have your luxury car in the view of SoCal's most discerning drivers, ensuring a quick and easy sale.

If you wish to consign a Bentley or any other premium car, contact Bentley San Diego today and learn how we make selling your ultra-luxury vehicle a breeze.




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